Making the Case for Creative Briefs

Here’s a common scenario: You’re tasked with delivering new creative asset. You’re excited and want to dive right into the project. And you know that everyone probably has the same vision, right? Not so much.

Enter stage right: the creative brief.

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Forget the pitch. Tell a story.

We’ve all heard of an elevator pitch: Explain your idea in 30 seconds or less and hope it resonates with your audience. In theory, it’s a good approach. And yet, it lacks emotion and human connection. This is where the power of storytelling can make all the difference. When you tell a story, you draw people in; you help them connect with a product or idea. A good story can make your audience more receptive. A great story can turn a mediocre pitch into a memorable presentation.

Consider the following commercials: Guinness’ “Basketball” spot and Apple’s “Misunderstood” holiday spot. Read the two pitches, then watch the moving clips.

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